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A moment to sit down and reflect.

Crate training started last night for overnight. was a long noisy night. But on a good note they were all clean for 2-3 hour intervals. They are getting really good at doing their business outside on warm days. Updates on all May - The intellect of the box.She asks to go outside and has a connection between outside and potty. She squeaks when she wants something. Ducky - Female boss of the box. Loves to cuddle. She's a little spoiled since she is always the first one looking for attention. Moo - Sweet little beauty queen. Never said a word about being in her crate all night. Avon - She runs around and is really fast. Her favorite pass time is bumping into walls and pulling tails. Nuggett- What a good boy. He doesn't hang with the others. He knows if they go outside he can eat at his leisure. He marches to his own drummer. Easy to take care of and get along with everyone human and canine. Lewes - Beautiful boy with a thick all black wavy coat. Easy going and sweet. Loves to play with all his toys. He goes in the tube and stays there. Tuckett - He talks alot with May. He lays alot with Dewey. He loves the company of all his brothers and sisters when he sleeps. He is not to cool on the crate idea. Dewey and TUckett had a sleep over half way through last night to ease the anxiety of being alone. Yes I caved. Dewey- He is quiet and playful. He loves to chew on his play bones. He plays well with himself and can be amused easily. He is a good boy too. Jaco - Boss man and he loves to show it. FYI he whimpered the most when he was vaccinated. LOL

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